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October 25,2020
Late October….

Here, the weather has been clear and sunny, very nice, but cold for this time of year.  Later today when it warms up and there is no more frost around I’ll get out for a walk, as I do most days.  Other than that, mostly I’ve been staying sort of isolated, although I have been seeing a few people within my bubble.  Also, I’ve been getting out for essential things and matters.

My exhibit at Place des Arts was over last Wednesday and I was very happy to show there.  I know that the last thing on people’s minds now probably is Art, what with COVID and all its spinoff negative impacts, etc.  However, I was encouraged to have my art exhibited.  I hope that you had a chance to get to my show.

In addition, I’ve been working on getting a Virtual Show up and running with the art club I’m with.  So, I’ve been pretty busy with this and our Team has met a few times to put things together.  For now, I think this may be the only other show I’ll be in for a while, as it’s staying safe like I’m trying to do.   I will post as soon as I know when it will be launched.  To be announced.…

Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

Posted by Debbra (Debbie) L. Halyk at 12:00
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