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July 31,2020
End of July

Earlier this week, I did another plein air painting day.  However, I stayed in the shade to beat the heat, as we are in a heatwave, they say.  I’m posting a little painting I did that day, on my two hour outing.  I’m calling my painting “Garden Delights”.  It was done at the community gardens at Colony Farm Park and this incredible location is in close vicinity of me.

You can see my painting in Studio 5….

Bye for now.  Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

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July 23,2020

Well, we finally got summer weather here for some days.  So, I did some plein air sketching for a couple of those lovely warm sunny days.  I’m posting the “Leaning Cherry Tree” at Veteran's Park and the “Garden Walkway” at Leigh Square.  These were quick sketches, which I may turn into paintings at a later date.  I also photographed these scenes for further reference.   

Hope you’re enjoying our summer.  You can see my sketches in Studio 7….

Signing off, keep creative.

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July 13,2020

Well, I did some plein air a few days ago and I just wanted to post the painting I produced on that outing.  It was a bright, cloudy day and at times I did feel a couple of raindrops, but for the most part that rain held off.   It has been cool here lately and there was a brisk breeze that came and went, as I sat near the water.  However, the sky was peaking blue from behind me and the sun shone down from that direction, making very interesting highlights.  The scene is of the southern Pitt River, local to me and a very picturesque area. 

You can see my painting named “Bright, Cloudy Day” in Studio 6…Signing off, keep creative. 

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July 06,2020
Early July

Well, hope everyone had a good Canada Day, last week, July 1.  We had pouring rain and with COVID-19 there were many virtual celebrations happening.  Anyway, I’ve been keeping generally within my bubble, but all is pretty good here and things have started to open up.  The States celebrated July 4, their Independence Day, on the weekend.   It seems likely their celebrations were not so good, as their scary COVID-19 numbers are looking like a runaway train. 

Regarding my art, I’ve been working to organize myself for my next projects.  These projects, I alluded to previously in my last blog.   For these, I’ve been doing some artistic research into different paints and techniques, etc.  Firstly, though, I needed to straighten up my workspace.   There still needs some more to be done, because my spring cleaning treasures have accumulated there. 

In addition, this week, weather permitting, I hope to get out for some plein air.  It’s said to be such a good artistic exercise and I’ll need to pack appropriately.  I’ll be out in the fresh air, with nature and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll be painting with some friends.   However, we’ll still be social distancing, of course, and in keeping with COVID-19 rules.  

Bye for now.  Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

Thanks to all the front-line workers!

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