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May 28,2020
New Reality

Well, life isn’t the same, as it was.  So, we try to adjust to our new reality in the face of this pandemic.  Many of us are still isolating, me along with them.  Others must be out front and I applaud them.   So, thanks again to all those essential workers!

Recently, I’ve been working on a lot of paperwork, for two reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been working on details for a virtual art exhibition which I explained a little in my last writings.  This paperwork is mostly done now and I hope things will pan out for this later on.  At this time, I can get back to my painting for it.

Secondly, as I wrote before, a sad occurrence in my life has happened.  I’ve lost someone close to me.  Consequently, I’ve been doing some paperwork associated with that.  Caring for some of those matters takes some time.  However, most of that is done now, too.

These things I noted above have consumed my last three weeks or so.  I might add, also, that even though our new reality kind of puts one in a funk, I still strive to think positive. 

Stay safe.  Keep creative.  

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May 16,2020

Well, the pandemic is still at or near our doorstep.  That’s our challenge.  It’s impacted our lives so much.    There’s a need to rethink and make paradigm shifts.   So, I’ve been trying to brainstorm about other ways of doing things to promote my artwork.       

I have some ideas up my sleeve.  Now is the time to think outside the box.  Right now, I’m working on a proposal about a virtual art exhibition for my art club.  Challenging, but I think it will work out.

Furthermore, on a sad note, I’ve had yet another challenge in my life.   There’s been a death within the close circle of people in my life.  Not by the novel coronavirus.  Although with those people that may have happened to, I really empathize.  I know that when someone passes in someone’s life, it affects you deeply.      

I’ll sign off, for now.

Thanks again, to all essential workers!

Keep creative.  Stay Safe.

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May 03,2020

We are now in May.  Many spring flowers are coming forth.  As it was fairly dry last month, I needed to water my container garden a few times.  However, we have rain forecast all this week and that should do the trick.  There’ll be no need to water for a while. 

This May, we are in a new normal.  Due to COVID-19, I’m still home bound.  Therefore, when the rain breaks I’m getting out in my garden to do some pruning.  I’m still at my spring cleaning and with this there is more to tackle, but it gets tiresome.  Although I’m going out minimally, it’s only for essentials. 

With regards to my art, I’m working on a new painting.  Maybe because May also brings new beginnings, that’s where I’m with it too.  In other words, I’m only in the initial stages of it and it’s another Pacific Northwest painting.  In addition, I have a beautiful rhododendron in my garden all in white blooms that I must get out to photograph.  So, hopefully, I can get some good ones of that for a future piece.

On another note, also in my life right now a family member is sick.  Not with the coronavirus, but with age related illnesses.  At times it’s hard to remain upbeat with this and our situation with the pandemic.  I’m keeping positive, though.  So, with that, I’ll sign off. 

Thanks again, to all essential workers!

Keep creative.  Stay Safe.

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