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April 26,2020
In for the Long Haul – Keeping Busy

Well, we’re in for the long haul, I think.  The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going away soon.  Stay-at-home orders are still in place here.  We don’t know when they will be lifted, yet.  Therefore, we hunker down and try to stay safe and keep busy.

Although I am working on some art at this time, I’m also been keeping busy with other endeavours.  Spring cleaning and some baking have filled my time in the past weeks.  However, one can only do so much baking, because you just have to eat it which I don’t need to do.  Plus, cleaning gets real boring after a while.  Consequently, and since we’re in for the long haul, I’m keeping my art projects on the go, as well.

Lately, I’m working on some paintings that I contemplated and/or had in progress at the end of last year.   I’m keeping busy with this and I’ve completed a few of these paintings, while staying-at-home.  These are paintings for a series of the Pacific Northwest, I’m continuing with.   I’ve completed twenty plus paintings in the last couple of years, in this series.  For now, I am anticipating finishing a few more paintings in the future in this mode.

Also, I’m posting a painting which is a seascape set around Powell River, from my Pacific Northwest series.  I called it “Passage Lookout”, and it’s 16 x 20 inches.  It’s taken from a location I saw on a road trip vacation I took a few years ago.   This is an area with a view south-west across the Salish Sea, where you can see the Northern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island, and their mountains.  The day was brisk, gusty and in mid-spring.

So, to end, regarding the other event in our lives, our pandemic, let’s hope the long haul will be shorter than expected.  In addition, my heart goes out, and thanks again, to all the front-line workers!

Keep creative.  Stay safe.

Passage Lookout




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April 18,2020
Difficult Times

Well, as you know, difficult times are upon us.  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than health issues.  Everyone’s wondering now how long is this going to go on, our isolation from others and these stay-at-home policies.  Will the economy collapse, if we continue?  That seems to be the big question. 

Regarding arts and culture in our communities, I hope it can sustain itself.  I believe it is so important to our wellbeing and connections.  However, I think these things may be only in the recesses of everybody’s minds, as more pressing things come to the forefront.  Although new ways of doing things are becoming evident, thanks to technology.  Virtually!

For me, thankfully, I’m well and I’d say being home bound has some benefits.  Without gallivanting about, as I often did, now I have more focussed time for artistic endeavours.  However, I’m getting those cooped up feelings and I also question, what about marketing my artwork, now?  Many of my plans for that are changed.  I guess I’ll need to be creative and think outside the box. 

Or, perhaps a vaccine will be available sooner than later, and these difficult COVID-19 times will become a thing of the past.    

Thanks to all the essential-service, front-line and health-care workers!!

Keep creative.  Stay Safe.

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April 11,2020
Still At It

Well, still at it.   I’m still home bound.  Layer after layer of bad new around the world is coming at us about this virus.  However, there is hope in some places, if we keep our social distancing, for now.  Because of COVID-19, this is the best thing for us.

Even though I’m home bound, I’m still trying to stay healthy.  With good weather of late, I’m still doing walks in my neighbourhood nearly every day.  In addition, I’m still trying to think positive, even though it can be tough at times.   Sometimes, day dreams or night dreams can disrupt this.  However, I’ll keep the faith.

A holy weekend is upon us, a dedicated time to worship.  I will worship from home, as I believe that’s okay, too.   I believe that worshiping, can take many forms.   Sometimes, this could be channelling God through being creative or kind in some way.    Or, maybe by producing a piece of artwork or being helpful to someone. 

So, I’ll sign off now and, once again, thanks to all the essential-service, front-line and health-care workers!!!

Be kind.  Keep creative.  Stay Safe.

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April 04,2020
Home Bound

Well, I’m still home bound, because of COVID-19.  As the news everywhere is not very good with this disease, it’s the best thing to do.   I’ve only been out a couple of times since mid-March for a few essentials.    With the exception of going out for walks nearly every day, I guess this is the new normal.   Also, because this darn virus spreads like wildfire, I’ll stay in this mode and keep social distancing.

For now, while I’m home bound, I’m trying to stay creative.  I am painting a fair bit and as you can see, last week I posted one of my finished paintings.  However, I don’t think art is on the top of everyone’s mind these days.  Now, though, while home bound, I still think it’s good to keep creative and stay occupied.  Although eventually, and if we haven’t already, we’re all going to get some form of “cabin fever”.

Thank you, again, to all the essential-service, front-line and health-care workers!!!

Stay safe.  Keep creative.  Thanks!

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