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March 27,2020
Staying Positive

We’re in throws of COVID-19, and based on expert’s advice, I’m home bound.  However, with not much good news to be had on this pandemic front, I’m still trying to stay positive.  Although I’m keeping up with the global health news, being home bound has also freed up more time for painting.  That’s a positive for me, as I had finished up my Mount Baker painting and I’m on to the next. 

In addition, there are many more positives to think of and to be grateful for.  Another one, is being home bound isn’t so bad.  Two, is we have wonderful health care people.  Three, is we have wonderful first responder people.   Four, is we have wonderful essential services people and so, on and so, on….

Furthermore, it’s spring!

Take care.  Stay positive.  Keep creative.  Thanks!

Not So Distant Mountain



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March 19,2020
Something to Look Forward To....

Well, the Ides of March got us, I guess.  Wow, and double wow, what a difference a day makes, eh!  Not much good news to speak of, what with COVID-19 upon us.  Isolation as much as possible is what I’m trying to do.  One thing about that is I should have more time to do my artwork projects.

What I can say is right now, in the mist of this pandemic, is that I’m trying to keep healthy.  Also, I’m trying to keep anxiety levels at bay, over our predicament.  Moreover, we have had some nice sunny weather and I’ve been going out for some lovely walks.   Given our situation, doing these things is sometimes easier said than done.  However, I recommend them to all, and especially those reading this.

Another thing to say and to look forward to is that spring arrives later today.  Yes, today is the first day of spring!

Take care.  Stay well.  Keep creative!

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March 09,2020

Can you believe it’s already March!  We are now into Pacific Daylight Savings Time.  Also, our days are getting longer.  Although it’s fairly cold lately, we’ve also had a lot of sunshine.  So, one shouldn’t complain, and I won’t.

I’ll take it, and lately I’ve done some fun and interesting artistic exercises.  One was blind contour drawing, where you don’t look at the paper you are drawing on, just the image.  It apparently works the left side of your brain, which is supposed to interact visually more than the right side.  Also, I tried not lifting my pencil from the page, while drawing. 

Furthermore, another exercise I did was a neurographic art exercise.  This was also really interesting and fun, although hard to explain and I learned only a little on it.  However, it sounds like it could be an endeavour to take up.  Or, perhaps try to incorporate into my work.  I look forward to much more learning experiences, on both these artistic fronts.

Anyway, yes, it’s March and an early spring will return in ten days.  This is also something to look forward to.  That being said, next Sunday is March 15.  So, beware of the Ides of March.  That means, this week or next might throw us for a loop, so they say, OMG!

Keep creative!

Here's my blind countour take of two friends.

Christine & Frankie


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March 01,2020
Extra Day, Yesterday

Hope you enjoyed February 29, our extra day, yesterday.  Here, we had wonderful weather for the day which was a mix of sun and clouds.  In addition, I was mindful that the birds were chirping quite a bit in the morning.  This had been an unusual occurrence, since winter.  Although it is still chilly, it was reminiscent of spring.

The rest of my extra day, I spent mostly on me time.  I got out for a walk, and also did some different things.  One was a girly thing which was a face makeup lesson with a very knowledgeable Makeup Artist.  Another was talking to an interesting Medium/Intuitive Reader, who told me some cool stuff.  Thirdly, I spent time in my studio/multi-functional space where I studied my current painting and straightened up from my latest painting spree. 

All in all, yesterday, my extra day was lovely.  I should mention that I took photos on my neighbourhood walk, and I think I got a couple keepers.   Also, I saw my first robin of the season scampering along a grassy knoll looking for bugs and worms.   Being outside in the natural world was the best part of the day, I would say.  However, as I write this, it seems I took in a lot yesterday; well, what else would one expect for an extra day?! !

Signing off.  Stay creative! 



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