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February 23,2020
Extra Day

We had an interesting week weather-wise, since last week was crisp and sunny. It’s been so seldom lately that we see a good stretch of sun and it was nice, but cold. It is an interesting year, too, as we’re in a leap year. This Saturday the 29th has one more day in February. This occurs once every four years…an extra day, wow!!

What shall I do with my extra day? I think I’ll spend my day creatively; I believe I’ll do that. I’ll continue on my current painting indoors, because it’s too cold and wet I think yet for en plein air. Or maybe I’ll get out on a long walk around my neighbourhood and take some photos. Doing a photo shoot might stir up some good photographs or perhaps some subject material for another painting.

Hmmm, what shall I do on our extra day? The extra day could also be used to contemplate things, maybe like plans for the change coming in our season? Yes, I’m still looking forward to spring, around here. Now and onward until our extra day, it sounds like we'll have rain with some sun forecast. That’s okay with me, as this should help buds on bushes, plants and trees spring up.

Keep creative and enjoy the extra day!

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February 16,2020
Mixed Bag/Spring!

Well, hope cupid’s arrow hit on Friday and love fell on everyone.  Valentine’s Day got a little cold weather wise, and around here we’ve been having mixed bag weather days.   However, signs of spring are starting to tease us.   Buds are cropping up in gardens everywhere and birds are fluttering about.    Soon the birds will be building their nests and we will be in the spring season of love.

As with the weather, it was sort of a mixed bag with my artwork too, last week.  My art club is working on a mural for a Heritage Society, so I spent some time with that.  Although not as much as I would have liked, as life got in the way, I did spend some more time on my Mount Baker painting.  In addition, I spent some time sketching a snow moon scene, I described last week.  Also, like last week, I did some artistic housekeeping.

Furthermore, after ruminating about spring, I started thinking about plein air painting.  I have done some in the past, but not a lot.  Some artists I know think it’s a great experience.   Of course, the Impressionists made it a crusade.  For now, though, I’ll wait until our mixed bag weather moderates somewhat.   However, the weather should be perfect in the not so distant future for en plein air - not too cold, or wet.

So, I’m thinking to get outdoors somewhere to paint, or even just to do some sketching, soon.  I’ll find somewhere, not too far way where the composition, perspective and view inspire me.  When our mixed bag weather co-operates, I’ll make plein air painting or sketching for me, come together.   I’ve got some ideas already and now that mid-February is past and spring is in the air, this endeavour could be any day!   Yes, spring is on its way….

Signing off.  Stay creative!

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February 09,2020

We did have some inclement weather spurts last week and it got cold again this weekend.  But, it’s great to feel that the days are getting longer, by a couple of minutes a day or so.  Also, I guess the rain helped, as things are getting greener around here.  Some signs of spring are cropping up, such as my potted chive is sprouting and I heard tell of some crocuses seen in places.  However, I don’t think Mother Nature has given up on winter yet.

Last night, I saw the full moon over a snow capped mountain and it was a sight to behold.   I wasn’t able to photograph it, but the moon was very bright and it lit up the mountain with a gold and silver glow.  Maybe I’ll put this memory down on paper with some pencil today, while it’s fresh on my mind.  I found out later this moon is called a “Snow Moon”.   Maybe this composition will be one of my future paintings? 

Furthermore, last week I spent some time on what I call artistic housekeeping.   This included some discussion with fellow artists about pricing, marketing, and copyrights, etc.  Later, I did some research on these things, and I learned some things in the process.  Also, I reinforced some things I already know and all in all, it was a good exercise for me.  Although there wasn’t much time last week to spend on actual painting, I felt it was a good week. 

Anyway, it’s February.  We apparently are a few days past half-way through winter.  Spring is seemingly on the horizon.  Things are looking up and sunny days are predicted for this week…. Keep Creative!

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February 03,2020
Rainy Days....

Last week we had persistent rain, with only a couple days that had a little bit of sun.  I did get out for walks on those couple days where the sun peaked out.  Mid to end of week there was torrential downpours and it was a soaker, but we didn’t get flooded.   Although temperatures were fairly mild until the weekend, the dampness creeps in making things rather unpleasant.  That was what I would call raw weather.

Well, the rainy days mostly kept me inside and I progressed on a painting of a scene of and around Mount Baker.   This scene I’m painting of Mount Baker is looking at the mountain from a marine environment.   I was only transient in this location a few hours, in late September a few years back.  The mountain’s glory stood out to me from a ferry slip near Anacortes, Washington.   From this vantage point it seemed to shimmer majestically, as it stood out so boldly in the distance. 

This Mount Baker scene has reminisced in my mind for a while.  With this painting I want to highlight our heritage of the Pacific Northwest.  So, there are subjects on the distant shore that could be related to fishing, something like a cannery and a vessel.   The evergreen trees and bushes I include in the foreground are also a statement of the area.  The golden grasses and a sparse tree are a sign of the waning season. 

My intent is to represent a late summer, Pacific Northwest scene, as described above.   In addition, I would bring to mind our great salmon runs on our Pacific Coast.  Let’s be optimistic and hope that the salmon will always return to our coastal rivers.  I’m painting in acrylic and in my contemporary, impressionistic style.  I’ve called this painting “Not-so-distant Mountain”. 

Bye for now and stay creative!

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