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December 30,2019
Happy New Year!

Nearly a week has gone by since Christmas and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  The days are getting longer now and the darkest, shortest day of the year has passed.  I’m glad for this, although winter is upon us now for the next few months.   I hope winter will be reasonable on us.

Twenty-twenty (2020) begins on Wednesday and I’ve made some resolutions which I think are pretty standard.  I’m sure everybody has some similar to mine, to eat healthier; to exercise more; to eagerly create; to emphasize purpose; and, to enthusiastically work.  These things I wish to accomplish, and every year it seems it gets better to execute goals.  So, to end on a positive note, I believe this new year will be better yet….the best ever, don’t you think?!

Here’s to a Best Ever, Creative and Happy New Year!

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December 25,2019
Merry, Merry Christmas

Just a short note to send wishes for a Merry Christmas, again. 

We celebrated last night on the eve of the 24th, with family here.  Gifts were exchanged and all made merry, after a wonderful dinner.  I broke from the traditional turkey and went with roast and Yorkshire pudding.  The beef, the tri-colored nugget potatoes, leeks, carrots and cabbage were all done in the 6.5 quart slow-cooker.  Afterwards came the dessert, done in a 4 quart slow-cooker, which was a delicious apple/pear/pecan blend served a la mode. 

I was ready for a long winter nap at the end of last evening.  Today, we relax and keep merry. 

All the best to you and yours! Stay bright and colorful!

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December 17,2019
Merry Christmas

December 17, 2019

I got my place decorated at the end of last week and the spirit of Christmas and the excitement of the season has arrived in me and my home.  In another few days we ring in the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year.  Then, it will be Christmas, and the New Year comes soon after.  Traditionally iLillyt’s the time to have gratitude and celebrate, which I hope to do.  For now, I’m joyful that I finished off that watercolor piece of my friend’s treasured and sweet, old Siamese cat “Lilly”. 

Also, I began preparing a work I am calling “Ravine Tree”.   My plan is to incorporate a brown, sepia palette, with a beige shaded background on a 20” x 16” ground of canvas.   I intend to paint it in a loose and impressionist style.  I’m switching the medium from my last piece and I will paint this one in acrylic.  The subject will depict a giant, old tree that has no existence except in its silhouette amongst the smaller forest. 

I consider a mindful thought about this work “Ravine Tree”, I am just setting up.  As I reflect upon it, it makes me think that there could be a parallel in it to the time of year.  Yes, we are nearly the end of 2019, when we say goodbye to the year and usher in a new one.   But, as the year ends, I realize its significant effect on me, like the mark this tree makes on its landscape.  The concept is a memory of what once was, standing greatly above the others, just like this year will be for me.  

Bye for now and keep colourful!


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December 09,2019
Happy Season/Solstice!

Well, it’s December, Winter Solstice time and the Christmas Season, and my life got a little older last week.  Yes, it was my birthday Friday, a milestone.   But a lady never reveals her age, and neither will I.   Although what I’d like to express is my thanks and gratitude to have been given many gifts, and I’m happy to be here and to be doing okay.  As they say, this is the season to rejoice. 

For this week, my plan is to be jolly, sing some carols and decorate my home.  I will put up a four foot alpine tree and decorate it with my unique, and artisan made small ornaments and miniature lights.  Many other places in my home will be transformed with some cherished Christmas items.  This act always feels like a very crafty task and it’s great to see the tree lit-up and decorations.  It truly puts me in a wonderful and artsy space.

Last week I organizing my art and with good intentions I managed to get some work done.  As I wrote about before, my plan was to move forward with and maybe finish off a watercolor piece.   But, life drew me away from that and the best-laid plans of mice and men went awry?   What I did was dedicate myself to housekeeping on my website, partake in much creative discussion and do some research.   A to-do list to work on the watercolor, and now to contemplate a new acrylic piece is moved ahead.

I’ll sign off for now.  Stay Artsy, Fartsy and have a Happy Season/Solstice!!


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December 01,2019
Merry Season and Winter Solstice!

Well, it’s the “silly season” again, when it gets crazy everywhere.  I jest; really Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year.  But, I think everyone should just take a deep breath and enjoy it.  I myself, don’t decorate until the second week of December and keep it up until the New Year.  So, that’s what I’ll be doing next week and this week I formulate my plan of action.

Regarding my artwork there’s a couple of things I’m working on.  I want to look again at a little landscape watercolor I’ve been doing, as I’m not sure about it.  It was a good exercise which I might just chalk up to experimentation?   Also, I want to finish up another watercolor of my friends aged cat who is just a gem.  I’ll try to post it afterwards.

Who knows how much artwork I’ll get done, though?  What with gifts to be bought, decorating to put up and baking to do.  Also, as we get into Christmas the days get shorter.  Maybe, we should just hibernate like the bears?

Consequently, if my artwork suffers, I’ll chill and enjoy the season.  You too, please!  Merry Season and Winter Solstice!  I’ll write again soon.

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